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Obliteration 5
Abyss 3
Avant-Garde 3
Experimental 3
Guitar 3
Japan 3
Lap Dancer 3
Luxurious 3
Minimal 3
Nothingness 3
Sorror 3
Tarot 3
Void 3
Absence of enjoyment with sexual desire too weak 1
Absence of pleasurable sensation during coition 1
Absence of pleasure with aversion to coition 1
Absence of thrill during coition 1
Absence of usual thrill during ejaculation 1
Aching pain on pressing or touching of uterus 1
Acrid Leucorrhea 1
Acrid corrosive yellowish watery or reddish-green Leucorrhea 1
Adivasi Medicines 1
Asthma during coition 1
Asthma on attempting coition 1
Aversion to coition and dryness of the vagina 1
Bearing down in the groin as if menses would appear 1
Biodiversity 1
Bleeding after coition 1
Bloody offensive Leucorrhea with profuse prolonged bleeding at menses 1
Burning and tearing pain in the ovarian region 1
Burning like fire particularly at night in case of Varicose veins 1
Burning smarting and excoriation in vagina during and after coition 1
Cannot bear the idea of coition 1
Chhattisgarh Biodiversity 1
Chronic Leucorrhea 1
Coition painful with bleeding thereafter 1
Cold Afternoons 1
Constriction of vagina during coition 1
Corrosive with scaly eruptions on labia 1
Craving for hot water which relieves 1
Cybergrind 1
Death 1
Deathcore 1
Delayed pleasurable sensation 1
Discharge between or instead of period when there is a history of vaccination not having taken or when vaccination has been done several times 1
Discharge painful or too late 1
Double pulse 1
Dryness of the vagina with painful coitus 1
Dyspnoea (loss of breath) towards the end of coition 1
Easily produced ie scratching of arms produces intolerable sensation of pleasurable in genital organs 1
Emergency herbs 1
Encyclopedia of Tribal Medicines (EOTM) 1
Enlarged hard ovaries 1
Entomophagy 1
Entomotherapy 1
Ethnobotany 1
Extreme lassitude during menses 1
Fainting on walking 1
Famine Food plants 1
Flesh 1
Flora of Ambikapur 1
Flora of Bastar 1
Flora of Bilaspur 1
Flora of Chhattisgarh 1
Flora of Dantewada 1
Flora of Dhamtari 1
Flora of Gandhamardan Hills 1
Flora of Jashpur 1
Flora of Kanker 1
Flora of Keshkal 1
Flora of Korba 1
Flora of Narsinghnath 1
Flora of Niyamgiri 1
Flora of Odisha 1
Flora of Orissa 1
Flora of Raigarh 1
Flora of Raipur and Durg 1
Flora of Rajnandgaon 1
Flora of Sukma 1
Flora of Surguja 1
Folk Healers of Chhattisgarh 1
Folk Healers of Odisha 1
Folk Remedies 1
Forest People 1
Great sensibility to light and noise 1
Green thick yellow copious Leucorrhea after obliteration of neuralgias 1
Grindcore 1
Hardcore 1
Healing Flora 1
Healthcare system practiced by traditional Vaidyas 1
Heat and itching of the vulva 1
Improvisation 1
Inflammation of veins of the leg during pregnancy 1
Intermitting pulse in rheumatic heart 1
Intermitting pulse with nose bleeding 1
Jerking pulse beats seem to run in to each other 1
Leucorrhea acrid burning itching with rawness always worse at night 1
Leucorrhea after menses 1
Leucorrhea before menses with soreness in pudendum 1
Leucorrhea dark yellow thick and sticky when accompanied with lameness in lower back which gives out when walking 1
Leucorrhea in little girls 1
Leucorrhea instead of menses 1
Leucorrhea light-yellowish offensive excoriating and profuse running down the legs 1
Leucorrhea like curds and white of an egg with sensation as if warm water flowing down 1
Leucorrhea like the white of an egg before menses 1
Leucorrhea of bloody mucus preceded by colic 1
Leucorrhea of children 1
Leucorrhea with constipation 1
Leucorrhea with painful urinary symptoms 1
Leucorrhea with swelling and induration of cervix and rendering the thighs sore as the discharge is acrid 1
Local indigenous knowledge about medicinal plants 1
Loss of sensation in vagina during coition 1
Mathcore 1
Medicinal Insects and Mites 1
Medicinal Millets 1
Medicinal Orchids 1
Medicinal Plant Database 1
Medicinal Plants of India 1
Medicinal Plants popular among the Adivasis of India 1
Medicinal Plants used by local Vaidyas 1
Medicinal weeds 1
Metal 1
Milky Leucorrhea thick and white 1
Neuralgia extending to arms 1
Obstinate dryness of the vagina 1
Odisha Biodiversity 1
Odisha Folk Rice based Traditional Herbal Formulations 1
Pain during coition 1
Pain during sexual intercourse with dryness of the vagina (a feeling as though stick pressed into the walls of the vagina) 1
Pain in small of back 1
Pain with almost constant desire for sex especially when she has discharge like the white of an egg 1
Pain with dislike for coition since child birth 1
Painful coition in women in the early days of married life 1
Palpitation after abuse of quinine and when palpitation shakes the whole body Worse lying on left side 1
Palpitation after coition 1
Palpitation after stools 1
Palpitation due to smoking 1
Palpitation in hysteric women better on moving about 1
Palpitation on slight exertion with full throbbing headache and flushed face 1
Palpitation with dyspnoea but without any heart disease worse on bathing 1
Palpitation with fluttering and momentary suspension of the heart’s action 1
Palpitation with sinking sensation at the pit of the stomach and great uneasiness and sleepiness 1
Paramparik Gyan 1
Pleasurable sensation wanting 1
Profuse yellow greenish acrid and offensive Leucorrhea 1
Project 1
Prutitus worse from contact of urine which must be washed off 1
Pulse absent with suffocation 1
Pulse bounding face red in full blooded patient 1
Pulse drops down to 40 or low 1
Pulse fast rapid and bounding 1
Pulse fast with tendency to vomiting and nausea 1
Pulse irregular and very slow and weak 1
Pulse weak and irregular 1
Raw Drugs 1
Records 1
Sexual weakness 1
Soreness and cutting in vagina during coition 1
Soreness and cutting pain in vagina 1
Stammering in women after coition 1
Stitching in parts of Vagina 1
Swelling of gums 1
Tenderness of uterus and ovaries 1
Terrible pain during coition with Leucorrhea 1
The 1
The patient feels better when the discharge is on and as soon is if disappears other troubles appear 1
The patient is worse during Leucorrhea which is like white of an egg 1
Thick yellow putrid Leucorrhea 1
Thin Leucorrhea with constipation 1
Thin milky Leucorrhea 1
Throbbing pain in the legs when hanging down with the feeling of hot water running down the affected part 1
Throbbing pain in veins 1
Throbbing pulse 1
Tobacco heart 1
Torn 1
Traditional Biological Knowledge 1
Traditional Health Care Knowledge of Vaidyas 1
Traditional Knowledge Documentation 1
Traditional Knowledge about insects 1
Traditional Medicinal Practices of India 1
Traditional Vaidyas of India 1
Tribal Medicines 1
Ulcerated legs which discharge freely and are extremely painful 1
Uterine cancer 1
Uterus sensitive to touch during coition 1
Varicose of the extremities 1
Varicose ulcers 1
Varicose veins and varicose ulcers especially of lower extremities 1
Varicose veins during pregnancy due to high living 1
Varicose veins during pregnancy when painful 1
Varicose veins in plethoric persons where blood rushes to the head 1
Varicose veins of legs ulcerate and bleed in pregnant woman 1
Varicose veins with stinging and pricking pain 1
Veins break easily when congested 1
Veins ulcerate rupture and bleed 1
Violent burning in the vagina during and after coition 1
Violent itching of the vulvae before menses 1